President Beyke Message

Our Unit will be over seeing the "Retsil Gift Shop" this year for the 300+ residents at Retsil.  The dates for this special event starting date and times are: November 17th, 18th, 19 & 20th & 9am- 4pm.  We are looking for Volunteers to wrap gifts, asst. residents with shopping for their loved ones.  Please help those who need us, email, text or call me (Rena) with your dates and times. (Cell # 206-999-9510,  rjbeyke@gmail.com) Please let me know by September 28th so I can set up a schedule.

Unit 172 Bainbridge are remembering veterans through the year on special holidays, that are in care facilities and most are forgotten.  We give tray-favors, baseball hats, handmade lap quilts, handmade crochet hats, mittens. 

We need new members to help keep us alive and working together.  If you know of a spouse (man or woman) and wants to join our busy Unit, call Pat McCauley, 360-377-9115.

WOW! I almost forgot we also have a Bingo session every Sunday doors open at 11:00 am, we start playing at 12:30. This event is open to the public, a smoke free environment, under $20 to play all games  for that day.  Any questions please contact me, 360-994-4955, Rena.

Hope to see you and meet you soon.


Rena Beyke,

President Unit 172