Support for the Boy Scout movement came at The American Legion's first National Convention in 1919. Today, there are more than 2,500 Boy Scout units sponsored by Legion Posts throughout the country.

Colin Hyde Post 172 sponsors two scout troops, one consisting of all boys and one consisting of all girls with a current total enrollment of about 50 scouts.  This setup of two troops under one sponsoring organization has proven to be very successful at engaging the entire family in scouting.  Many of our adult scout leaders have, or have had, scouts in each troop.  These last few months have been rough for a program that is built on social interaction between scouts, encouraging older scouts to develop leadership skills by mentoring, teaching, and setting an example for younger scouts.  We have had to get creative in our engagement model.  We are keeping our distance by holding virtual online meetings and, in a few cases, limited outdoor activities six feet apart and in much smaller groups.  These interactions allow us to continue to emphasize good scouting principles like cleanliness, duty to our community, and taking care of others.  We are continuing to look for better ways to evolve the program to become more interactive while keeping our commitment to individual health and community safety.  I am sure we will have more curveballs come our way over the next several months, but know our scouting families value the commitment the Legion has to scouting and we all look forward to the day we can, once again, fill the Legion Hall with 50+ rowdy scouts, parents and siblings.  Until then, stay safe and please reach out to Dave McVay or our troop website ( if you have any questions.

 All the Best, Troops 1564 and 1804