Another Legion year has begun and with COVID-19 still present!  We have learned to adapt; for five months in self quarantine, keeping six foot separation, wearing face masks, thermometer checks, not holding events greater than a certain number of participants.  We learned new words such as Zoom and Virtual Medical meetings.  We have flown the U.S. Flag in downtown Winslow on National Days.  We postponed such traditions as Poppy Donation days and more importantly, Memorial Day and  Independence Day (July 4th).                                                                                                    

WHAT WILL HAPPEN in the fall is anyone's guess?  I remember when I was in the Air Force - a saying, "Flexibility is the Key to Airpower".  So we will stay flexible.   

                             I challenge everyone.  Members, Auxiliary, SAL, the Scouts, in making theAmerican Legion, Colin Hyde Post an exemplary Organization!  THANK YOU! 

    Gary Sakuma, Commander  

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